[From east sea to north sea] Series

Drawing, 2016

Drawing takes me to the depths of subconsciousness and resurfacing with images which are often more abstract than the motifs that I choose to use. I found this way of art making exhilarating because it allows both foresight and unpredicability.

[From east sea to north sea I ] / Ink on paper, 48inch x 10inch, 2016

[From east sea to north sea I ] – Detail
[From east sea to north sea I ] – Detail

[From east sea to north sea II ] / Ink on paper, 42inch x 10inch, 2016

[From east sea to north sea II] – Detail
[From east sea to north sea II] – Detail

Works:2 Years all drawing works process diaries, photos, and videos record, 2015-2016

while I was on my way from Boston to Chicago, the flight was delayed for five hours due to hail. I met a white-collar lady on the plane sitting next to me, who went to Chicago for conference. She encouraged me to continue my works of drawing. She told me she has never been to an artist’s studio and it was such an interesting experience to observe an artist making a drawing for 2-3 hours. “Wish you have a successful exhibition. Nice to meet you!” She said to me. During this flight, there were four people showing their interests while I was making drawings. Except for the lady next to me, all the others were businessmen or managers.
08/11/2015 Chicago. Sunny.
I visited Chicago University Psychology professor Xiaolu’s home and office with my friend and partner Jiankun Xie. I have been busy with making drawings to meet dozens of deadlines for many years, and this time I will work for the exhibition in Shanghai in September. Xiaolu and all the other friends are very used to me doing my drawings anywhere in their places, while they are engaged in their works simultaneously. They are very nice to me and we work separately in such a harmony. It was beyond my expectation that I finished the two-meter drawing scroll in Xiaolu’s office. I was so excited, but Xiaolu was not there at that moment. There was only the ticking music from Xiaolu’s clock. It is quite illusory to me. We had a very successful meeting with Maya in the afternoon. The new exhibition will take place in Chicago in the May next year. A new round to make drawings and deadlines begin.
08/16/2015 Sunny.
I was prepared to make some drawings outside to release my cervical spondylosissymptom and some other illness. I chose a garden next to the lake as my first stop to wait for my family. Most of the time I have no idea where I will live, where I will make drawings, and what I will paint. ‘Everything just goes as it will’ I told myself. My paintings are not realistic at all, which I am pretty sure about. I cherish my experience making documentary films years ago. It even has a big influence on my life. So I insisted on making drawings anytime I can. Drawing is my spirit support, which has been a part of my body and a forever love. Working endlessly is my sincere response to show my enthusiasm to it. It was so silent here. There comes an old couple from the left side of the bench. The old lady asked me if I could take care of his husband for a while, because he didn’t feel so well. The wife’s anxiety made the old man very embarrassed. My kindness released his nervousness. The lady went jogging after that, carefully and slowly. Her husband, the old gentleman, was reading a book, occasionally peeped at me and smiled. But we didn’t talk much. Five minutes later, his wife came back with sweating and tired. “Let’s go now.” she said. The old gentleman seems to predict everything. He stood up immediately and left with his wife together. It was such an interesting tacit understanding within a family!......
09/10/2015 9am.
I kept waiting. My friend Cheng Cheng and Hao Nan come from Beijing for my art exhibition. I am so excited. There was only half an hour left that I will see them. I sat down in the lobby of a restaurant. Here comes a clear walking sound of a woman from the north part of China with her high heels. She is not so beautiful and rude. I choose not to take any picture of her, and think about how nice the sofa is.
10/14/2015 9am.
Harvard Square is not only a place that is admiring and full of scholars, but also a place for homeless people. At the main street, there were a total of eight homeless people with different personalities and education levels. I chose to sit among them facing the door of the Bank of America. The homeless people on my left talked with some dirty words. The black guy on my right was reading the role of a fiction book in his hands. After eight minutes, someone gave me a few coins. Fifteen minutes later, there were more people paying attention to me. Thirty minutes later, someone started talking to me, including scholars, Chinese tourists, sport-men, artists, and an experienced beggar. After two hours long, there were totally ten people stopping and looking at my drawing. The shortest talk was just a “yep”. The longest conversation was between one homeless people and me. “Do you need to focus on your painting? I couldn’t do that. I have to use a long-handle brush to do it.” I asked him if he was an artist. He said yes confirmedly. “Do you live around?” I asked. He told me he was born here… …” The whole conversation lasts for five minutes. He was not like the others talking with dirty words. Before leaving, I saw him, but his eyes avoided contact with me.
09/28/2015 8:45am.
I went to the place following my heart after I got up. It was so beautiful. Everything is in a cold tone with a patch of warm sunshine from far away.
happy new year~!
Filter Coffee. I have always been choosing this cafe. When it played James Blake's song Fall creek boys choir, I got to know why I love here so much.

The girl sitting behind me is very interesting. She came and told me she likes my works. I was so happy to hear about that. She is very polite and friendly. She asked me if I would mind that she posted my work on the website. Of course I don't mind. After that we knew each other from that day.

There are four people sitting around me. They sit there watching me drawing and talking about the most recent movies and which one is much interesting. I like this feeling so much. Art would not be so outstanding or wired. It comes from what happens around it without intention. Then it should be the best.
At Yang Mo’s Printing Workshop. Unpredictable charming. Which area would be the last point for me to draw? Under the instruction of Yang about the aftereffect of copperplate printing, I finished a 3.35-meter drawing while I was waiting for the erosion process of copperplate. People working here are trying to figure out how to hand make the prints of my drawings. It is very interesting to talk with them. I learned a lot.
10/23/2016 11:10am
From Beijing to Shanghai. It is the first time that my mother saw me drawing. “Are you drawing without thinking?” She asked me. I smiled and kept drawing. I casted a glance at her and said, “Yes, I am. Why should I think that much?” She chuckled and moved back to her seat slowly. “ You could say something like that to me, but you couldn’t talk to someone else in the way.”She said with her eyes closed. I almost laughed at that moment. My mother is so cute!
(Excerpt from part of the record.)!