[ReBecoming] Series

Drawing; drawing video; performance art

[ReBecoming] / Ink on paper 30inch x 72inch , 2014

[ReBecoming] Drawing video, 10 minutes 2014

[ReBecoming] Drawing video—Detail

[ReBecoming] performance art

Three-dimensional perspective drawing of Swinging Installation

[ReBecoming] performance art project is collaborated by a number of pioneer artists from the United States, France, and China. It is based on the contemporary hot topics about the melting glaciers of Greenland in Arctic and human crisis. The exhibition will combine avant-garde performance with installation art in a background of the arctic natural imitation. It would bring the audience a feast of the performance and visual arts with sensual pleasures. Also, at the same time, it would make a contrast to the bustling city and urban life.

Media involved:

Dance performance, live interactive painting, live music, installations, and video.

Live performing artist list

Dancing performance: Dalila Belaza
Live interactive painting: Xiaowei Chen
Live Music: Sideney Latency