[Feather] Series :[Feather I]; [Feather II]; [Feather III]; [Feather IV].

[Feather I] Plexiglas, wood and screws, 30 inch x 2 m, 2018

More than 200 small feathers that are hand-carved with 0.1 mm needle pen are connected and assembled into a six-foot long installation. The inspiration of this work stems from the vitality of Nature. The feathers, symbolizing the origin of life, naturally drift in the air from ceiling to floor, as if bringing life to the soil. This work celebrates the birth of life and the rejuvenation of the Earth.
[Feather I]—Detail

[Feather I]—Process

[Feather II] / Plexiglas, wood and screws, 15 inch x 13 inch, 2018

[Feather III] Hand painting, plexiglas, plexiglas mirror and LED light, 30 inch x 30 inch, 2018

The definition of freedom is based on a certain degree of self-discipline. The broadest freedom should be human’s mind. There is no way to have a unified definition. An idea might be as light as a feather. While a lot of ideas piles together, it become ponderable and valuable. I use the refraction and multi-reflection of the mirror to extend the handmade feathers installation in the box which indicates natural life. It is a metaphor of our feelings of freedom obtained in the process of thoughts extension.
[Feather III]—Detail
[Feather III]—Detail

[Feather IV]/ Plexiglas, plexiglas mirror and LED light, 2018

[Feather IV] — Detail